Ultimate Travel Hacks for Buying Flight Tickets

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Do you ever wonder how travel bloggers and travel bugs alike can afford pricey flight tickets?

We all know that airfare can be expensive and, if you are traveling overseas, maybe the most expensive aspect of your trip. Everything can be hacked though, even buying your next plane tickets.

When it comes to traveling and purchasing airfare, travel bloggers know what’s up! That’s why Butterfly asked the stylish travel blogger, Monica Stott, thetravelhack.com (follow her on Twitter), to share her expertise on flight ticket hacks that work for her and save her extra cash:

What is the best hack you’ve used to book cheap tickets?

“I’m lucky that I work for myself and I can be flexible when I’m choosing my days of travel. If I’m traveling for a short break, I’ll avoid the weekend and go away from Monday-Thursday. It’s so much cheaper for flights and it’s much quieter in the destination” Monica Stott, thetravelhack.com.

Around how much did you save and where did you go?

“I go abroad 2-3 times a month and I try to do this for every trip I take. I must have saved hundreds” Monica Stott, thetravelhack.com!

Butterfly also asked Taylor Lorenz of taylorstracks.com to share some insider travel hacks. Here’s what we learned…

What is the best hack you’ve used to book cheap tickets?

“For my best flight hack I used a combination of tactics that helped to lower the price. First I looked at what were the cheapest cities to fly into in Europe. Secondly I used SecretFlying.com to see if there were any flights sales for the dates I was looking for. And lastly I looked to see what were the cheapest airports I could fly out of that were close to where I live,” Taylor Lorenz, taylorstracks.com.
Around how much did you save and where did you go?
“I booked a ticket from Montreal to Paris for $249 one-way (though it was also the same price back!). I saved $250 by choosing to fly into and out of cheaper cities and chose which cities to fly into and out of by finding a sale on SecretFlying.com. I can easily get to Montreal from Ottawa where I live for a fraction of the cost that it would be to include a flight from Ottawa.
My best advice is to be as flexible as you can. Use the Skyscanner “everywhere” feature that allows you search for the cheapest flights anywhere in the world. Often times you can fly to a country on a continent that you want to go to and then catch a cheaper flight on a budget airline to your desired destination. This is especially true for countries like Canada that have the most expensive international flights in the world and no budget airlines,” Taylor Lorenz, taylorstracks.com.


To help you save on all your airfare purchases, we put together a list of the ultimate hacks to save you money on buying flight tickets.

1.Purchase two one-way tickets as opposed to a round trip

Although it may take more time and effort, this strategy has saved many travelers extra cash and has been used for decades.

See an article written by Ed Hewitt for Smarter Travel to learn more about this strategy. He shares, “The idea here is to buy the cheaper of the flights from one airline, and then go find a less expensive flight for the other leg on another airline that may have more capacity on the route, or is less popular, or has empty planes for some reason, or offers trickier flight times — all factors that could drive down the price of any given flight.” – Ed Hewitt, Smarter Travel (follow Smarter Travel on Twitter)

2. Being flexible in your dates helps tremendously 

Knowing the best (or cheapest) and worst days to travel will always help save money so being flexible in your dates can save you big time! I trust you haven’t been living under a rock, but airfare prices sky rocket around the holidays. The best practice to avoid this calamity is to book your holiday flight ticket as soon as possible!

Brooke Saward of World of Wanderlust shares how traveling on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are great days to save on purchasing airfare.

“Flying mid-week is usually the cheapest time of the week to fly. And the most expensive? Sundays. Don’t travel on Sundays if money is a consideration as this is usually the most expensive day to fly,” Brooke Saward, World of Wanderlust (follow her on Twitter and check out her book).

3. Join rewards programs and sign up for travel rewards credit cards

Singing up for a travel rewards credit card is a great way to earn miles and save money traveling! Also look into becoming a member of any airlines or hotels rewards programs. By doing so, you can earn miles for free travel, get free upgrades, special offers, and more.

David Weliver of Money Under 30 shares helpful tips and tricks on travel hacking.

“I got Delta’s affinity credit card — the Delta SkyMiles Card from American Express. Right off the bat, signing up got me bonus miles worth almost enough for a free flight, and the card comes with other perks, like free checked bags and double miles on the airfare I book…If you’re not in a position to sign up for a card, at least sign up for a few frequent travel rewards programs (airlines and hotels)—even if you’re not traveling anytime soon.” David Weliver, Money Under 30, (follow him on Twitter and read more from his article here).