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Traveling is a source for fun, adventure, relaxation, and rejuvenation – but planning a trip isn’t always as pleasant. Planning and traveling can be made easy if you use some creativity and useful tips and tricks. From scouring the Internet for the best deals to deciding what essentials to pack, we’re here to give you some ideas on how to make traveling a breeze!


  1. Google Flights

Sometimes finding the lowest prices for travel can be difficult and time-consuming. There are tons of different travel comparison and booking sites out there and it can be downright exhausting looking through them all. The truth is, all these websites do the same thing and one doesn’t really have any price advantage over the other. Jenny Silverstone, from, suggests saving yourself from the hassle of searching by using Google Flights.

“It’s by far the easiest and fastest option, and it saves me hours. And as we know, time is money, so I consider this a massive money-saving travel hack in my books.”

  1. Research What You’d Like To Do

So you’ve picked the destination you’d like to visit- what are you going to do there? Sure, you’re looking to put your feet up and relax, but that might get a little boring a couple days into your trip. advises doing a little research before you leave, which can lead to new ideas and some money savings!

“Simply Google “(Name of Destination) on a budget” and look out for tips and tricks from other travel blogs. They often contain insider knowledge that isn’t readily available in guide books and destination guides.”

  1. Utilize Airbnb

Destination picked and flight booked? Perfect, now you have to think of where you’d like to stay! Instead of following the norm and browsing which hotels are best rated in the area, why not consider booking an Airbnb? There are often many more perks to staying in an Airbnb than a traditional hotel including cost and location! Caz Makepeace at yTravel Blog, shares why Airbnb is booming amongst travellers:

“Airbnb is my favourite way to book cheap accommodation. Plus, you get to live like a local and have the facilities to cook your food and save more money. Apartment rentals often come with free Wi-Fi, are in good locations, and other perks, like tea and coffee, use of kayaks and bikes, and a local’s guide to the area.”

  1. Roll Don’t Fold

Mother always taught us to fold our laundry neat and clean, but she didn’t anticipate how much checking a bag would be for airlines these days! One simple and effective trick is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. By rolling your clothes tightly, this saves tons of room in your suitcase- you’ll be shocked by how much more you can fit! Folding and stacking is a waste of space and by rolling instead, you’re also saving how many bags you have to pack. Less bags = less hassle, less to carry, and less to pay at the airlines!

  1. There’s an App for That

These days cell phones can do just about anything and assisting with travel is one of those! iPhones and Androids have thousands of apps available right at your fingertips- many which can make your next vacation the best yet! Caz Makepeace at yTravel Blog, praises Field Trip, which can save you money by not paying for guided tours!

“Apps like Field Trip notify you when you hit a point of interest while walking. The app also scouts out offers and discounts that happen to be nearby.”

Other great apps to checkout include, LiveTrekker, which allows you to document your travels through interactive maps, pictures, videos, and so on – all for free! Duolingo, which is a great tool for learning different languages through fun games and lessons, and finally Walc, as suggested by

“Plug in your destination and Walc will give you directions based on easy-to-spot landmarks. A Pocket Mode feature gives step-by-step audio directions. Just plug in your ear buds, and you won’t have to constantly pull out your phone.”

The next time you set out on an adventure, be sure to follow these travel hacks to save time and money while making everlasting memories! Bon voyage!