How I Added 3 Countries and 5000 Miles to my Backpacker’s Budget

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Travel bugs know how to do what they love efficiently by making the most of their time and budget. By strategizing your next trip, expect to find and receive more out of your experience than you ever could imagine – you could even be adding three countries and 5000 miles to your voyage on a small budget.

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to get you launched on your next adventure…

1. Prioritize your Vacation and Plan your Destinations 

Life is short and traveling creates lasting memories that are priceless. Don’t let your financial standing stop you from pursuing your dream of traveling because lucky for us all, experienced travelers have come up with affordable ways to help others get around the globe in a pinch. Start by prioritizing a vacation mentality and plan where in the world you want to see most. Get great tips on traveling on a backpacker’s budget from bloggers at Writer for CentSai, Donovan Frost, sees the soulful benefit of backpacking and shares his expertise on the topic:

“Whether you’re traveling for less than a week or for more than a year, meeting people and getting to know the local culture in the places you visit is much more rewarding than sipping tropical drinks on a beach or stuffing your face at an all-you-can-eat buffet,” Donovan Frost,

It’s important to identify which countries are a ‘MUST’ on your list and maybe a few others you’d like to see given your allotted time and budget. Proceed to map it out and shop it out online. It’s easy to plan trips yourself with online travel booking services like Expedia and Priceline – just to name a few out of the hundreds available.

Tip: You can look for online services or apps, like Butterfly, to automatically save money and get cash back on all your travel and hotel purchases.

2. Set a Budget – Plan a Vacation 

It never hurts to do more research! Once you have a price on lodging and traveling costs, check out some of the local activities or happenings at each of your destinations. See what other travel bloggers do to have fun traveling on a low budget. Will Hatton, entrepreneur, adventurer, and ultimate budget travel blogger, shares that eating like the locals is not only cheap, but one of the best ways to truly experience a new culture. See Will’s helpful article, “The 7 Secrets To Budget Backpacking!

Will suggests, “Take to the street; search out hole in the wall eateries, pancake wagons and fruit stalls!…My advice is to try and find a stall which is busy with local people, these are the places you want to eat.”

Tip: Be sure to set aside and account for ’emergency cash’ – whether or not an emergency occurs, it helps to have some cushioning. Who knows? Maybe at the end of your trip it will help get you to one extra country

3. Pack Wisely and Efficiently 

It may be an obvious statement to a ‘backpacker’s budgeter’, but you should allow yourself to travel lightly and therefore, freely. Coordinating outfits with your planned activities and events will help you easily know how to prepare your wardrobe. To save space, pack two outfits that have swappable clothing items that can create a different third outfit option. Also, be conscious of the clothes and items you choose to pack given its wearability and size to avoid overpacking.

Tip: See what the weather forecast is and has been looking like in the places your visiting and pack your suitcase accordingly. 

If you want to add destinations and length to your vacation, simply follow these helpful tips and check out related articles! Take the time to go above and beyond to prepare and you’ll find yourself having more options to explore than you thought possible. You’ll be a pro-traveler in no time at all!